Over 14,000 employed in hospitality industry in South Dublin County

By Maurice Garvey

THE drinks and hospitality industry in South Dublin County employs over 14,000 people, and has a wage bill of €294 million.

Collectively, pubs, off-licences, licenced hotels and restaurants in the county, support €379m in tourist expenditure, according to a report by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland.

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This week, DIGI launched a Support Your Local campaign for 2016, which highlights the economic contribution the drinks and hospitality industry makes to communities across Ireland.

Incorporated in the report, is new research by DCU economist Tony Foley, detailing hospitality-sector employment in individual constituencies.

In the Dublin South West constituency, there are 88 pubs, 15 licenced hotels, 95 licenced restaurants and 84 off-licences – containing 7,938 jobs, a wage bill of €166m, and supporting €216m in tourist expenditure.

In the Dublin Mid West constituency there are 66 pubs, 12 licenced hotels, 72 licenced restaurants and 63 off-licences – containing 6,065 jobs, a wage bill of €128m, and supporting €163m in tourist expenditure.

Despite having less pubs and hotels, the Dublin South Central constituency has a much higher wage bill of €227 million and employs 8,341.

This is largely down to the fact that the constituency contains Dublin 8, which hosts many businesses on the periphery of the city centre, including Jurys Inn Christchurch, and a number of hotels on Parkgate Street, including the Phoenix Park Hotel.

Dublin South Central has 70 pubs, 12 licenced hotels, 76 licenced restaurants and 66 off-licences – supporting €170m in tourist expenditure.

Collectively, the industry in Dublin supports 184 wholesalers and 10 producers.

DCU economist Tony Foley said: “One key driver for growth in the drinks industry is craft – with a huge increase in breweries and distilleries opening across Ireland in recent years.”

The latest data builds on a 2014 report, using a number of sources such as the CSO, Fáilte Ireland, and the Revenue Commissioners.

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