Letters: Hospital crisis described as ‘state institutional abuse’

Dear Editor,

The crisis in our hospitals is a growing cause for concern and more people are suffering as a result of government underinvestment in our health service.

The situation in Tallaght Hospital has seen adult patients being placed in paediatric wards with “some young patients reportedly being left in the main corridor of the department” (Echo).

Tallaght Hospital


The INMO’s Trolley Ward Watch has 552 patients on trolleys around the country at the time of writing (Monday 22nd January), painting a stark picture of hospital overcrowding.

Patients are regularly being placed in conditions clearly unfit for recuperation as they lie in corridors and in Tallaght A&E patients were given a waiting time of up to fourteen hours.

The situation in Tallaght has been described by emergency medical consultant Dr Jim Gray as “State institutional abuse”.

The Still Waiting Campaign is a broad campaign supported by nurses and unions which has sought to bring together activists and organisations from across the country to highlight the effect of cuts.

Their goals include bringing beds up to the European average, restoring the number of nurses and frontline staff to pre-crisis levels, reopening closed services including A&E wards and cardiac services, and developing a fully-funded national health service free at the point of use, paid for through progressive taxation.

Councillor Emma Hendrick

People Before Profit,

Tallaght South

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