Luas users are not happy with the new payment system at park and ride stops

A change in the way Luas users pay for their parking at certain Park and Ride stops has left a lot of people fuming, with many saying the process is ‘slow’ and ‘useless’.

Several Pay by Bay parking machines at Luas Park and Ride stops, including at Cheeverstown and Red Cow, have been removed in recent weeks, with commuters now able to pay for their parking and Luas ticket at the one machine.

The new system has replaced the old Pay By Bay method where a driver would enter the bay number their car was parked in and pay at a separate machine before paying for their travel ticket on the platform.

Taking to social media users have had their say, and we want to know how you have found the new system for paying for your parking at the ticket machines.  

Here’s some of what people have had to say…

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