Young Earth releasing debut single

By Mary Dennehy

POP rock quartet Young Earth are releasing their debut single on May 20, with the energetic and harmonic foursome crafting a unique melodic sound – that pays homage to bands such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Made up of Tallaght locals Mark O’ Keeffe, Paul Blake and Ben Mulligan alongside Dan Aherne from Killiney, Young Earth got together at the end of last summer – and after some serious graft, are releasing their debut single Maggie this May 20.

LIFE Young Earth 2 

The track will be available online to download and stream from iTunes, Spotify and Tidal, with a launch gig taking to the intimate stage of Sin É on May 26, which will be supported by Tallaght band Level Heads and Frescoe Future. 

Ahead of the debut single launch, guitarist and backing vocalist Paul Blake took five to speak with The Echo.

What was the first album you bought? Do you still listen to it? 

I was a big rap fan in my younger days so The Game - Documentary was mine - I do not listen to it still! Funnily enough Dan was and is big into rap as well and he bought Eminem's Curtain Call. Mark bought Arctic Monkey's first album and Ben bought Foo Fighters self-titled album. The guys are all still big fans of those artists.

If the band could support any act, living or dead, who would it be and why? 

Mark would probably say Kanye West, because he wants to have his babies... but seriously, I would say The Beatles, we're all huge fans and I know it's a cliché but who wouldn’t want to pick the brains of those guys. Or lick their faces?

Tell us what Young Earth is about? And, the band’s sound? 

Well really it's a formation of singer songwriters from around the area. I was in the middle of recording my own stuff when Mark got onto me about forming something new with the songs he had been writing. We went through different bassists and drummers until we finally recruited Ben, a songwriter in his own right, and Dan, a BIMM music college student.

Is there any bands that have influenced Young Earth? 

For myself the biggest influence is the Beatles and the Beach Boys. I feel the writing echoes that type of vibe, even when a song is in its early stages. It always seems to find that melodic vibe that we're all into. The harmonies from those bands really influence myself and Mark, because come on, who does it better than the Beatles and Beach Boys!

What’s the first single being released this May? 

It's being released on May 20th. I guess people can take their own interpretation but for us 'Maggie' is about the good and bad of being in a relationship. The insecurities you have at the beginning all the way to the silly arguments you have four years in. It’s also about that uncertainty of being in a relationship that's not healthy, and battling with the decision to end it or try to makes things better. We chose Maggie because we all felt it showed the best attributes we can offer. We feel it's radio friendly and that a lot of people could get into it.

LIFE Young Earth 3

Any sign of an album? 

At the moment no. We're just concentrating on getting the music out to as many people as possible. Maybe an EP down the line.

What inspires the band’s lyrics? 

Mark has written all the songs, so far. He tells me he gets his inspiration from literally anything, and as he’s gotten older he tends to write with the mood of the tune in mind rather than basing it around the lyrics. When it comes to the music side of it, we all add our bits and opinions which usually then morphs into a Young Earth song.

Where’s the launch gig on? 

It's on the 26th of May in Sin É on the quays. A nice intimate setting, we have fellow Tallaght band Level Heads and Frescoe Future supporting us. Expect lots of harmonies, funny drum faces and Dan's magnificent fringe swinging from side to side. It's free in on the night, and doors open at 8.30.

People play music for different reasons, what’s your reason? 

For me it's to break up the monotony of everyday life with work etc. I love playing live and recording, it's almost a soothing experience. The other lads are in BIMM so I just think they don’t want to have real jobs! Joking of course, I think we all share a love of creating music, recording it, and playing it live for people, and the best thing about it all, is when someone actually digs it.

What’s the plan for the remainder of 2016? 

Well the plan after the launch is to bring out a music video, hopefully play a festival or two and keep writing and recording. There's talk of an EP but we'll see. 

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