‘Christmas from hell’ as scramblers destroy estate

By Aideen O'Flaherty

RESIDENTS of Tymon North Road in Tallaght awoke to the sound of scrambler bikes revving on Christmas morning, as a group of over a dozen scrambler bike riders descended on the estate’s green space.

The noise from the bikers began at approximately 8.30am on Christmas Day, and they caused extensive damage to the green space leaving deep, muddy tyre marks.

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The green space in Tymon North wrecked by the scramblers

Mud was also tracked along the footpath, and the side of a nearby house had large quantities of mud on it from riders revving adjacent to it.

One resident who contacted The Echo likened the experience as being “a Christmas present from hell”, while local Independent councillor Mick Duff said a number of residents contacted him on Christmas morning to notify him of the issue.

Cllr Duff told The Echo: “The people who did this have no respect for the community, they’re determined to make life miserable for people in Tymon North.

“The carry on on Christmas Day was unbelievable, they destroyed a public open space that people in the area have taken very good care of.

“The parents and guardians of the young people on the scrambler bikes have a lot to answer for, they must be aware that they’re doing this.

Scrambler Inset IMG 20201225 140425 resized 20201225 101401213 1

The muddy paths left after the scramblers

“And the people on the scramblers should know better – it’s as if they’re determined to drag the area down to the gutter.”

There have been ongoing issues with scrambler bikes in Tymon North for several years, but the events on Christmas Day showed a significant escalation, as it was estimated there were up to 17 people on scrambler bikes at the green space.

“I was appalled when I saw the damage,” added Cllr Duff. “These people disturbed everybody’s Christmas Day.”

Calling for a more “proactive” response from gardai, Cllr Duff said that the scrambler bikes amounted to being “uninsured, and effectively unlicenced, bikes on the road”.

A garda spokesperson was contacted for comment, but a response was not received in time for print.

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