Letters: Consequences of bad planning in Tallaght Village is forever

Dear Editor,

At the outset let me state I have never discussed this issue with anyone, or any member of the Dominican community. It is apparent for anyone attending Mass in the Priory in weekdays that the Priory car park is now used by the general public as a free car park.

The pay machine initially installed was vandalised a few times, and left the Dominicans with little alternative but to abandon it. General car park space is so minimal in the village area that cars are forced into the Priory car park where they have free parking as long as they like.

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This has created huge problems for legitimate churchgoers especially if it is a funeral Mass. Also, when the pay machine was in operation the Dominicans allowed a free parking space beside the Church for anyone paying a visit to say a few prayers.

There is now absolutely no doubt that the planning of the village, or should I say the lack of planning has forced cars into the Priory car park.

On top of all this there is the eyesore of the old Esso petrol station surrounded by railings for years on end, and also the scandalous development of the village itself. What in the name of God were the planners thinking about.

This whole area is now a dump. What’s going on? They would not get away with it anywhere else. Tallaght is in the 10th division when it comes to planning.

My memory (and unfortunately it’s only a memory) is one of Tallaght village being a role model nationally. It was the gateway to the mountains. Of course it could not last forever with the need for housing, but there is a way of doing things right and wrong, and the development in Tallaght village was dictatorship at its highest level with no communication with communities affected.

I have many faults in my life, but there is one standard my very imperfect best tries to adhere to if making a decision i.e. “how will my decision affect others?”.

It is a core. There is no better yardstick in guiding you to do what is right. Let me also state the need for housing does not validate bad planning. The planning in Tallaght village would never be allowed in the areas our senior management in the SDCC live. The consequences of bad planning in Tallaght is forever.

Let me state Tallaght is my home. I have done my best with many others in voluntary service over 50 years living here. Also I  have met great people here who have given their lives to their communities, but I never tolerate anyone, irrespective of their authority, making decisions over our heads without any consultation. That is the way the establishment have treated Tallaght. We are not “A. N. Others”.

We are people with rights and entitlements. Too many parts of Tallaght are victims of inequality and disadvantage. There is no policy to integrate the disadvantage into affluent areas.

The 10% social housing in planning legislation are nothing but words. This is about people living in an environment to develop their potential. It is about right and wrong. It just beggars belief that decision makers do not consult.

Good management standards is about responsibility and communication especially when decision making affects others. Many planning decisions made in Tallaght were not for the common good.

Tallaght was targeted by successive governments and the SDCC for huge volumes of social housing.

They broke every moral rule in not building proper communities with equality for all as per our constitution. There are consequences in building disadvantage on such a large scale. One of them is the dependency on charity, and going “cap in hand” for social welfare.

There is right and wrong, and many planning decisions in Tallaght were not for the common good. It is so obvious to so many.

I fully realise the bluntness of my comments, but the consequences are too serious to ignore. I do not overestimate my importance with the establishment. It is nil. They will have their “pow wows” “not him again”. 

One thing is certain though, I know I am speaking on behalf of so many Tallaght residents, and you can be assured of one thing – come the next general election there will not be a mention from any political party on planning. My bluntness is a dot compared to the bad planning decisions.

Another blunt comment. We do not want “nine to fivers” senior management in the SDCC dictating planning decisions that affect our lives, and communities from cradle to grave, and ignoring us. We live in Tallaght, they do not.  This is about right and wrong. It is a conscience issue for many of us living in Tallaght.

I commenced my letter with comments on the Priory car park. The fact that so many cars use it (some for day long parking), it is only right that the SDCC install a parking machine with the same rules that apply to parking elsewhere in the village.

The truth does not accommodate spin, bureaucracy, or “it’s the system”.

The development in Tallaght village has created havoc in parking. Again, I emphasise this letter is not motivated by any conversations or prompting from the Dominican Order.

Yours sincerely,

Aidan Thomas, Bancroft

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